Gilding Ceiling Decoration
Gilding, Gilded Ceiling Swimming Pool
Swimming Pool – Gilded Ceiling, St Saviours, London
Ceiling decoration, Family Crest
Family Crests Ceiling Decoration, Mahogany Woodgrained Library, Beck Hall, Norfolk
Ceiling Decoration
Family Crest, Ceiling Decoration , Library, Beck Hall, Norfolk
Family Crest Ceiling Decoration, Library, Beck Hall, Norfolk
Painting and Gilding Ceiling Work London
Painted & Gilded Coved Ceiling, Private Residence, Bishops Avenue, London
Sky Ceiling with Gilded Detail, Sir John Soanes Museum, London
Stencilwork Ceiling London
Paint & Stencilwork Ceiling, British Museum, London
Ceiling Paintwork, Sky effect
Sky Ceiling Library, Private Residence, Pimlico
Sky Ceiling Artwork
Sky Ceiling Library, Private Residence, Pimlico


Gold Gilded Ceiling
Moon Gold Gilded Ceiling, Private Residence, London
Gold Leaf Coffer Ceiling
Gold Leaf Coffer Ceiling, Entrance Hall, Private Residence, London
Detail – Gilded Coffer Ceiling
Silver Leaf Coffered Ceiling - Mayfair
Silver Leaf Coffered Ceiling, Penthouse Suite, Mayfair, London
Detail - Silver Leaf Coffered Ceiling
Detail – Silver Leaf Coffered Ceiling Penthouse Suite Mayfair London
Decorative Ceiling
Decorative Ceiling, Private Club, Mayfair, London
Copper Leaf Ceiling Work
Copper Leaf Ceiling, Study, Private Residence, Hatfield